A servant’s Prayer

Dear lord give me the courage and the wisdom to overcome the fear that constantly delays my journey. Let me not be concerned with the things that I don’t know or don’t have but stay fixated on my potential. I still have that spirit inside of me that will not let me rest until it is done. Now what that is; I am not sure, but dear God I will not stop until I know. I need your strength more than ever now. I pray that these words will float in the universe and ride the wings of angels.

Please don’t let me stand in my own way. I am excited about sharing my beauty with this world. I am elated about carrying out your purpose. I asked to be kept in your care and cradled in your love. I know it is up to me to stay because I know that you will never let me go. Let the negative and hurtful words of my enemies roll away like the tides of the ocean. Who shall I fear when I know who holds my future.

From the beginning to the deepest corner of my soul I ask thee to give me strength to finish this race; with open arms and a clean heart. I am determined because I believe in all that you have for me. I voice this prayer with total humility and faith in your power; in our savior’s name I pray Amen.

2 thoughts on “A servant’s Prayer

  1. Beautiful! Solemn. Empowering. Your heart is open, and the Universe will reciprocate in kind. Standing with you. Be encouraged!

    1. Thank you so much! I needed that today! God bless you!

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