The “Mess”age

 Hello world! It has been quite a while since I last shared by thoughts with you. We can become so boggled down with the weight of our “Obligations” that we forget to take time out to exercise our passions. So much has occurred  that has yet to be recorded or assessed. I now have a wonderful husband, beautiful family, and a career. When you tie together marriage, children, and a career it can make for a very busy life. Although these parts of my life are absolutely gratifying and adventurous, there is still that longing to follow my purpose. The funny thing about purpose is that it can be buried deep for years and years. We can smother it with our pillows when we refuse to dream. We can hide it under our desks while we work on an important assignment. It’s often washed away by tears when we fight with our significant others. We find ways to ensure that time spent on the inevitable is postponed until we get everything else out of the way.

Why are we so easily distracted if our purpose is so important to us? Is it fear of the unknown? Maybe we are afraid that if we go after that “thing” that is most important and fail, we will never recover. So we collect stuff and we carry it around. We place it in categories. We complain about it. We discuss it with friends. We lose sleep over it. This stuff has no baring on who we are as human beings but we allow it to shape our entire existence. This “stuff” keeps us occupied. Too busy for trivial things, like dreaming of a better life! Or shall I say a more fulfilled one. It is not until the load gets too heavy to bare that we start to prioritize. Some of us are able to carry a lot more than others before we have the MOMENT. You know the one that puts everything in perspective.

I remember Oprah speaking about God’s little whispers a few years back. God will softly warn us about the mess we are creating. Many of us do not hear him until that whisper turns into a bullhorn or a natural disaster. We do what we want and what we think is best no matter the cost. Again, some of us learn faster than others. Our journeys are all different but meant to accomplish the same thing…Our best. We are meant to leap and take chances. We are here to keep on until we reach that “thing” that God has for us. It is not a matter of fact. It is not black or white. We start, stop, and start again. We can fall short and we can regress. There is no guide book to follow. We just have to trust the process. I remember reading a quote… “We do not have to know how we are going to do it, just that we are going to do it.” So this piece represents a step forward for me. I hope that it reaches one person who is contemplating their own journey today. Remember, we are born for greatness and each day is an opportunity to be Great!

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