Dream In Purpose

When you are deep in thought both sleep and awake, what lies heavy on your mind? Think about that “THING” that brings you the most joy. The very thought of it makes your heart skip a beat. That “THING” that you often do without someone watching or asking you to do so. You usually think about it a lot more than you actually do it. It gets tangled in the thoughts of your daily routine. Although it is very important to you, it is often the last on your to-do a list. It often lingers in the distance. You plan to make time for it but something always seems to get in the way. You have bills to pay so you have to work. You have kids to take to the park and read to. You have a significant other that needs a little quality time. Oh and don’t forget about all the TV shows you have to catch up on!

You have stuff! So much stuff to dig into before you can spend time on that “THING” that brings you the most joy and makes your heart skip a beat. Well… Have you ever thought that maybe if you focused more on what makes you happiest, it could make the other parts of your life even better? If you were living your full potential, you would be giving your best to the world. Of course, this is easier said than done. It if was easy, the entire world would have figured it already. It takes practice and patience. That “THING” needs to be nurtured and fed. Our dreams have to be willed to life. How do you find time for Dreams when your reality keeps you so busy?

When you dream…Dream in purpose. Organize your thoughts. Narrow them down so that they become more attainable. Practice writing down the things that you want. Schedule time through the week to focus on it so that you hold yourself accountable. Make a list. Brainstorm what it will take to make your dreams a reality. It is not our responsibility to figure out exactly how it will happen. God will take care of that. You just have to move in order to create the MOVEMENT. So when you dream make those thoughts count. For that “THING” that makes you feel most awake even when you are dreaming; Wouldn’t you say you owe it to yourself to see how far it can take you? Here are 5 tips to help bring your thoughts to action…

Dream in Purpose

  1. Create at least 1-2 hours a week to focus on your dream. Add more time as you begin to build. (Make sure the time is blocked off on your Calendar/Planner).
  2. Research groups/people who have similar interests. (Its a good idea to see how others with similar paths are obtaining their goals).
  3. Limit time spent with people or things that do not enrich your life; such as negative people or mindless reality shows. (Replace with time spent on focusing on your goals).
  4. Meditation/prayer is important. Speak your dreams into existence daily. Talk with God about them. (Take time on your way to work or in the shower).
  5. Find a mentor. Someone who will hold you accountable. Someone who is more experienced and can help you grow.

These are just suggestions to help get you started. You can alter them to better fit your life style! Be open and honest with yourself. Remember… The Truth is Better Naked!

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