Remove All Things Working Against You…


Many of us spend a lot of time involving ourselves in things that just don’t matter. We live for bad relationships, dead end jobs, and insignificant hobbies. I call it self sabotage. We think of every way possible not to deal with our purpose. We jump over it, walk around it, and slide under it. We talk about how we want to better ourselves. We even dream about it at night. But when the sun rises we spend our time doing everything else but that “Thing” we say is most important.

What is it that causes us to put everything in front of our purpose? Is it fear? Maybe we don’t believe we deserve to have the best. Whatever it is, it is toxic to our greatest potential. Now take a moment to really think about those things, those people, those places, that are dimming your light. Think about the things that you are involved on a daily basis. Ask yourself what do they add or subtract from the steps you are taking to improve your life.

Significant other:

+Do they support your dream/purpose? Do they listen and try to help?

-Do they talk you out of making huge leaps? Do you find yourself feeling like they don’t understand your purpose?


+Do they support your dream/purpose? Do they offer words of encourage or share similar interests?

-Do you often feel you have nothing in common? Do they often speak negatively about your plans of action? Do they spend a lot time complaining or gossiping about others?


+ Do you feel a sense of purpose? Will it help you get to where you want to be? Are you happy?

– Are you watching the clock waiting to exit the building? Do you dread the thought of Monday? Do you feel a stagnant or empty?

Take a moment and complete this exercise. If you feel that these things  subtract from your journey more than they add; it may be time to start making some changes. Life is too short to waste on people, places, or situations that are not conducive to your purpose.

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