Expect Great Things

lady-breathing-inIt is much easier to expect failure and live a life of low expectations. If we don’t ask or require much, we can avoid disappointment. Many of us fear those thoughts that we can’t control. There is something in us that yearns for greatness, but we often shy away from it. What is it that makes us feel like we don’t deserve the best? I am still uncomfortable receiving a lot of attention or compliments at times. I constantly remind myself  that it is ok to receive good things into my life. Take a moment, wherever you are and tell yourself “It is ok to receive good things.” This may seem silly, but trust me it works.

We have to become accustom to expecting great things in our lives. Why would we believe that someone else deserves good things but we do not? Once you allow yourself to expect goodness, you will no longer concern yourself with what others have. You can learn to be happy for others and be inspired by their journeys. You will stop and think; if they can, I can too. So today I am asking for you to think of you. What do you want for your life? What steps can you take to get there? If you know that God has blessed you with good things, own them. Don’t run away from your purpose.

God expects greatness and we should too! Start living your truth today!!



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