Faith Is An Action Verb



Many of us voice how much we believe in God. We say that we trust him to do just what he said he’ll do. We wait around for our “Big” moment. We spend hours in prayer, hoping for God to remove us from our current situations. We are often left disappointed when we feel that God is not answering. Have you ever thought that maybe while you were busy waiting on God, God was waiting on you? During a car ride with my boss we discussed faith and how so many use it inappropriately. He talked about faith being an action word. He  mentioned that God will  carry you when you can’t go any further, but you have take steps towards your goals.

Believing that God will change your situation is not enough. Waiting for God to give you the life you have been dreaming of is a waste of time. God is not in the business of giving out hand outs. An important part of having faith is to act on what you believe to be yours. To quote a good friend of mine, “God is not a wizard or a genie.” There is no shiny lamp to rub or wand to twirl. Faith is an action verb that requires our participation. It is easy for many of us to feel sorry for ourselves. We fall into depression because it seems that our lives are not going as planned. It is important for us to ask ourselves in those moments, what have I done to change my circumstance?

God is there as a support system. God is there to close the deal. He will provide us with the tools and help we need to carry our purpose, but we have to take initiative. We have to step out on faith. If we want to reach greatness and live the lives we desire, we have to take action. This is how we show God that we trust him to give us what we ask for. Keep this in mind the next time you feel disappointed in how far you have gone in life. What steps are you taking to get what you want? God can do all things, but he wants to know that you trust him enough to be involved in the process.

So remember FAITH is not effective when we are idle. We must take a leap or even a few steps and God will see you through. Keep moving!!

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