Sharpen Your Tool


There are things in life that have to be moved around. Things have to be rearranged, removed/added, and you have to be a participant. You have to be willing to endure those things you have no control over and act accordingly with those things that you do. Act accordingly…meaning listening to your inner self when it tells you to move. We have to learn to stop fighting what is already written for us. This just prolongs the inevitable.
We are here to live out our purpose which God will present to us more than once. It is only when we are ready to own it that things fall into place. We often ignore those feelings because we are unsure of ourselves. It takes time to strip down from what everyone else says is good for us. It takes time reject those feeling of failure and insecurity.

We have to know who we are inside out and declare all the things God has already promised to us. Only then can you begin to live your truth. We can’t dress up the Truth to our liking. It is what it is 100% of the time. That is why the truth is better NAKED. Are you ready to be totally Naked?
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