Sharpen Your Tool


There are things in life that have to be moved around. Things have to be rearranged, removed/added, and you have to be a participant. You have to be willing to endure those things you have no control over and act accordingly with those things that you do. Act accordingly…meaning listening to your inner self when it tells you to move. We have to learn to stop fighting what is already written for us. This just prolongs the inevitable.
We are here to live out our purpose which God will present to us more than once. It is only when we are ready to own it that things fall into place. We often ignore those feelings because we are unsure of ourselves. It takes time to strip down from what everyone else says is good for us. It takes time reject those feeling of failure and insecurity.

We have to know who we are inside out and declare all the things God has already promised to us. Only then can you begin to live your truth. We can’t dress up the Truth to our liking. It is what it is 100% of the time. That is why the truth is better NAKED. Are you ready to be totally Naked?
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I know you have heard the expression, “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me!” I love this! Just think about how many times you have drawn your own conclusions about someone else’s feelings instead of communicating with them. We often try to read non-verbal cues or interpret a single sentence. Why is it easier to assume how someone is feeling rather than going directly to the source? This is particularly difficult in intimate relationships. I was talking to a friend about communication. We discussed the importance of expressing your thoughts and feelings in a relationship. As he put it “Communication is everything!”

I myself am guilty of often assuming that my partner knows how I am feeling. In my mind he knows what I want and should act accordingly. I know that I am not alone. How many times have you been mad at your partner because they did not act the way you thought they should have? Your expectations are sky high and your communication is on ground level! Is this logical? Why has it become a pattern in most relationships? The worst part is that we act on our assumptions. In extreme cases, it can cause one partner to cheat, or walk away from a relationship that may have been salvaged by simply communicating. We assume more about our relationships than we actually know about our relationships!

Meaning, most of the knowledge that we obtain regarding our relationships are drawn from our own assumptions. So unless you are a mind reader I suggest you sit down with your significant other and find out how they are feeling! Ask questions like, “What did you mean by that?” Or “How do you feel this relationship is going?” Communication is the key! Try talking things over in a mature way rather than cursing and screaming. Think about exactly what you want to say. Sometime it helps to write things down before you say them. If you are in a relationship that lacks communication, you may want to sit down with your partner and express the importance of talking things over. It may be the difference between a lasting, fulfilling relationship and one that ends in disaster! Remember many big decisions have been wrongfully handled based on assumptions. I’m talking social, economical, political, you name it! If you have someone in your life that is worth having, make sure you take the time to communicate and learn how to listen!

Happiness: Road Map to Success

It is difficult to follow your dreams when you are surrounded by those who do not understand. There are those who will wish you to fail out of jealousy or spite, and then there are those who love you and want you to play it safe. Either way, it can be poisonous. Whether a snake bites you out of fear or malice, the venom will have the same effect! During these trying times, remember to stay true to you! I am speaking from experience. I spent 7 years studying a subject, only to find that I wanted to do something else! I do not regret what I have learned and feel that is still relevant to my journey.

It’s  hard having different people buzzing in your ear telling you what they think you should do. Why don’t you apply for this job? Have you tried a different state? What are you going to do? Ugh! It is enough to drive you crazy! It is important that you focus on what makes you happy! I was watching Oprah’s Life Class and she was speaking on material possessions. She stated, “No thing, material possession matters in terms of defining who you are.”  Just think about that, the next time you are stressing about how things look to everyone else. Are you truly happy with what you are doing? There is no mistaking what puts a smile on your face.

Think about what you love doing when no one is watching. Stay true to those things. That is what will bring success to your life. Take a few minutes today to think about what brings joy to your heart. If it takes more than a few minutes, you have some work to do! Let’s go on this journey together. We all need encouragement a long the way. Please take time to write down what makes you happy on my blog spot. For some, it may be the first step to changing your life in a positive way!

The Hip Hop Preacher

I love this video! Eric Thomas, also known as the Hip Hop Preacher, talks with a group of youth about success. I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving all the details, but it is a must see. It is not only relevant to youth but adults as well. This is something that we should all think about through out our journey. What are you doing to make your dreams and desires a reality. The truth is better naked!!

New Checklist

Here is a checklist I have made tailored for my life. I wanted to share in hopes that you will do the same. Think of the things in life that are most important and bring you happiness. We may not be able to do it all everyday but it helps to have a reminder. Please share your checklist in my comment section! We learn from each other.

  1. Each morning when I wake up; thank God for how I have been blessed, and for what is to come.
  2. Start visualizing the things that I want for my life.
  3. Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation, “I am the master of my thoughts”.
  4. Create a visualization board: Put  pictures and words of things I want for my life in a place that I go every day.
  5. Give to others as if I have it to give.
  6. Live my life as if the things I desire have already happened to me.
  7. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  8. Share my positive thoughts with others.
  9. focus on the “wants” and not the  “don’t wants”
  10. Smile when no one is watching.


  ” Love like it is going out of style”

The Secret

I read the book “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne. I first heard about the book on Oprah a while back. I had no idea how powerful this book was. I will probably reference this book in quite a bit of my blog posts! The book is about the power of the Law of Attraction. Basically, your thoughts are your reality. I have been discussing this with my friends for years but had no idea what to call it. I am a firm believer that what we feel on the inside, creates our experiences. For example, people who spend most of their time complaining will create more situations to complain about. This was mentioned in the book. Byrne does a great job describing how we turn thoughts into things! There are inspirational quotes from famous people who have used the power of the Law of Attraction to become successful. Byrne explains that the Law of Attraction does not only work for a select few, it works for us all! That is if you are willing to receive the message. I have been freaked out reading this, because I can think of times in my life that the Law of Attraction has worked for me! The author writes “If you do just a little research it is going to become evident to you that anyone that ever accomplished anything, did not know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were going to do it”.  That is powerful. Have you ever felt that you were destined to do something great? The Secret talks about putting it out in the universe by claiming it as yours. Live like it has already happened. What are you passionate about? What do you want in life? It is important to believe that you can have it and have faith that it will be given to you. When you get the feeling to act, don’t hesitate! Just take the steps and the rest is history. We have to have faith in our ability to live out our purpose. If you don’t do anything else for yourself this week, please go get this book. You will not regret it. If you have read it, I would love to know your thoughts on it! Take time out for you!

Wish List

If you made a list of things you would like to accomplish, how would it read? What would be top priority? Are you taking the steps to make it happen? If you are not sure what you are passionate about, think about what makes you happiest. What gets your undivided attention? When do you find yourself oblivious of time because you are consumed with pleasure and purpose? I am not talking about the unhealthy time we spend on negative energy; whether it be bad habits, unfulfilling relationships, or dead end jobs! I mean those things that make you feel alive! See for me, writing is a passion. I am learning to practice what gives purpose to my existence. Sharing my thoughts and energy with others brings positivity to my life and hopefully to others. Take time for “You” and write down what is on your priority list. Please comment on what is important to you! I would love to know what brings meaning to your life! Remember sharing can be encouraging in the lives of others as well!

Order My Steps

“Order my Steps”, This songs gives me chills! If you are like me,  I grew up in the church and God plays an important role in my everyday life. Actually the most important part! This songs speaks true to anyone who believes in a driving force, an undeniable presence that we can feel at our highest and lowest points! The first verse states “Humbly I ask thee teach me your will, while you are working help me be still, though satan is busy God is real…Order my steps in your word.” Wow! Powerful  stuff! Whether you believe in God and the devil, we all can agree in good and evil. For me, I know that there is something bigger than me, motivating me to utilize the gifts that I have been given. Again, I do not believe in coincidences. I agree that people, places, and things are placed in our lives to shape and mold us. I am not saying that we do not have free will; the ability to make our own decisions. For me, I believe that if we are willing to open our mind and heart to receive the greatness we have been given, we will live more fufilling lives. With that said, I am striving everyday to reach my full potential. I ask God to use me to be an instrument for the “Greater Good”. If we all took steps to be our total self, just think how wonderful the world would be! Please click on the link above to hear the song and think about how it applies to your life!

Take Five

“Things which matter most should not be at the mercy of things which matter least”-Goethe

Make a list of the things that are important to you and see where they fall on your daily regimen. Are you taking the steps to become a better you? Please take five minutes from your day and write down what is important. This can be the beginning of making positive change! Stop allowing trivial things get in the way of greatness!